Can We Just Talk?

"Now that you are completely nude, you may come sit at my feet. But don't be nervous, Honey, we will only talk at first."

“Now that you are completely nude, you may come sit at my feet. But don’t be nervous, Honey, we will only talk at first.”

It is hard to find people that just like to talk. If you talk about sex to a parent, they begin to think that you are sexually active; If you talk about sex to a partner, they begin to think that you want to be sexually active; If you talk about sex to the person sitting next to you on the bullet train, they begin to think you have some form of mental disease and they run away screaming.

I guess it’s just another thing that I don’t understand. Why are people so self conscious about sexuality? Why can’t we just talk?

I think FemDom fixes this a little bit. I have no clue who decided that women were not supposed to think that they are sexy, but every woman in a female led relationship (that I’ve met) don’t think this way. Women are sensual creatures. They can be sexy, hypnotizing, enticing, and frightening all at the same time. And with FemDom, it is not taboo, it’s beautiful. It’s natural.

The first kind of training that I like to do is something I call honesty training. (More on that later :p). This is basically breaking down the barrier of conversation.ย I want to know all of his fantasies, his fears, all of his experiences, all of his hatreds, and his loves. I want to know so that he can witness me accepting him.

But even people who want to talk sometimes aren’t exactly the best conversationalists. Some of the dominant women that I talk to so deeply believe in their way of doing things that they won’t listen or even consider another’s opinion. it’s terrible thing. Because everyone has something worth listening to.

What if we spoke about our sexual preferences as if it was some other topic, such as the weather? What if we discussed bondage like it was one of Sigmund Freud’s theories? What if you walked into a bar and the men sitting on the stools were discussing their hosiery fetish? (I’m just a dreamer, I guess).

I haven’t found someone decent to talk to yet, but i’ll never stop looking for someone that will know what I mean when I ask, Can We Just Talk?

–Miss Ari ^_^

7 thoughts on “Can We Just Talk?

  1. Din says:

    Yes! I couldn’t agree more. It is especially terrible when you cannot even talk to your own partner about this kind of thing openly. A healthy relationship is built on the foundation of good communication. If you cannot even talk to your partner about sex openly then what are you dating them for?

    I would hope however, that in a long term healthy relationship, being open about sex is acceptable just as being open and honest with your partner about everything should be.

    These were just my thoughts ๐Ÿ™‚ I loved reading your post as I always do, Miss Ari ^_^

    Thank you for taking the time to read my comment,

    P.S sorry for the weird avatar ><

    • I have not approved your entire post, partly because of the length, and partly because I do not wish for the comment section to become a place of off topic debate. However, I must say that I agree with most of what you said about religion being the basis of sexual conservation. And while I do believe that there will never really be a death of religion, I do see religious practices being looked at from a more libertarian point of view and being “sprinkled” with new sexual practices as they are deemed acceptable in the future.
      –Miss Ari ^_^

      • din says:

        Sorry, that is my mistake. I did not intend to ramble as I did, and I should have been more conscious of myself. I apologize. And I agree, religion will probably never completely disappear.

        By the way, Miss Ari, I noticed you mentioned your “honesty training” in this piece, but I don’t think you ever expanded on it later. I (and many others I’m sure) would be very interested to hear what you have to say on the topic.

        Thank you for taking the time to read my comment,

  2. writingthebody says:

    These blogspaces allow that kind of talk, sometimes….we can explore our desires here. Well I know a lot of people, including me, who do.

    • I understand that,thank you. But perhaps you have misunderstood the meaning of my question as to why this kind of conversation is difficult to achieve in a personal setting.
      –Miss Ari ๐Ÿ˜†

      • writingthebody says:

        That is true unfortunately…all too true. it is hard to find face to face places for that. It is not understood. It is hard to understand actually…

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