Power Dynamic

I haven’t had the pleasure of knowing a woman that is in a female led relationship that was initiated by the male; however, from what i have heard, it is difficult for these women to come to terms with the new power dynamic.

The power dynamic is the basis of all femdom relationships but as the dominant woman, I decide the degree of of my power. A high power dynamic would include the woman making all decisions and the male not being allowed to decide anything. A low power dynamic would include decisions being made as a couple with the woman having the final say in everything. I personally favor a dynamic where the woman has all power of decision but the male has power of suggestion. Each of these dynamics are female led and it is the woman’s decision how the power dynamic will be displayed.

Regardless of the preferred dynamic, the important part is how you acquire that power. Even if the male offers you power over himself, you are still not in control until you decide that you are.

Now, no woman should feel like she must act manly to be in charge. There is no need for that. In fact, correctly harnessed female power is far more powerful than trying to be something that you are not.

There can and should be femininity in the way that you command. After all, it is the appeal anyway. Females gentleness should not be taken for weakness. However, it should still exist in a relationship along with every bit of firmness that she possesses.

–Miss Ari ^_^

5 thoughts on “Power Dynamic

  1. herwishmycommand says:

    This is a good insight and helpful to our situation. I am a male how submitted to my wife three months ago. It was something that grew from other activities in our relationship and I found that I was stimulated by it. She is on the lower end of dominance and is struggling a bit. It’s good to see that there are different levels as I may need to back off a bit and accept a level of domination she is comfortable with and see if it will grow from there.
    Regarding spankings… I like my wife spanking me but not really for the pain of it. I like the dominance of her doing it to me.

    • Thank you for your comment.
      Your wife may very well need to figure this out on her own and take some time to develop an appreciation for FemDom in light of her own perspective. Unfortunately, you may have done all that is in your power short of encouraging her to find and speak with other dominant women to build her confidence.
      –Miss Ari ^_^

  2. vanillaqueen says:

    My biggest problem is discipline. How do I punish him when he enjoys spankings?? I feel like all potential punishments are really rewards.

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