Domestic Domme


I'm in charge because i said so, Darling. Don't question me again, or I'll show you what this rolling pin is really for.

I’m in charge because i said so, Darling. Don’t question me again, or I’ll show you what this rolling pin is really for.

This post will be a continuation of something that I hadn’t intended to become a series. I wrote a post called What Kind if Domme are You, then i answered the question personally in another post called Romantic Domme.
But i guess it won’t end there because now i would like discuss a different kind of domme; the domestic domme.
I think this type of domme i way more common than any other type of domme. The domestic domme favors what the tittle entails; a relationship of female dominace that would require total servitude of the male, but on a private basis.
Now, the domestic Domme is no less strict that any other domme. And simply because the dominance takes place in the house hold, it does not mean that the male is free to missbehave when the couple is in public. In fact, a submissive of a domestic domme is likely to be more obediant in public situations, but the domestic domme will have luttle interest in public humiliation.
The aspect of a domestic domme is simply the privacy of the play. The dommestic domme will not flaunt her sexual dominance to anyone other than a few close friends. The domestic domme will not feel the need to take on multiple submissives or participate in cuckolding. These things are simply not nessesary in this particular life style.
With the domestic domme, dominance will take place in the house hold (or likely in a marriage) and the dominance will be present from the begining of the relationship.
In the life style of a domestic domme, dominance is not a fantasy or a game. Dominance is simply the choice that the woman has made, and if you dont like it, well… she doesn’t care what you think.
–Miss Ari ^_^

I don’t understand Cuckolding

"You love my high sex drive, don't you Honey?"

“You love my high sex drive, don’t you Honey?”

For those of you who do not know what cuckolding is, Its basically cheating on your submissive man (either behind his back or in front of his face) with a non submissive man in order to fulfill some kind of erotic fantasy. To me, this is backwards and just doesn’t make any sense.

First of all, any real dominant woman is turned on by submissive men, therefore, the idea of taking a lover who is not submissive should have no appeal to her.

Secondly, the reason that cuckolding exists is to make the submissive man feel like he is incapable of satisfying his woman to the point where she needs to seek out a dominant man. However, a ‘vanilla’ lover will have no idea how to satisfy a dominant woman anyway because all he cares about is his own gratification. Cuckolding is much less satisfying than sex with your submissive man.

Thirdly, cuckolding implies a nature of hierarchy within the male population. It implies that my submissive man (no matter how hard he tries) can not satisfy me because he is inferior to other men. This may be part of the fantasy, however, it does not make sense to me because why would any dominant woman, having respect and pride toward her pet and the work that she has put into him, put him below another man? If anything, me should be below women, not other men.

And lastly, the authors of cuckolding blogs are usually feminists who believe in female empowerment. But cuckolding implies that all women can only be satisfied through being submissive with a partner. So women can never really be dominant? This is insulting and very untrue.

I have read blogs of dominant women who claim to believe men exist to serve women, yet, these are the same women that cuckold their men with men that go against virtually everything that they believe in. And that doesn’t make sense.

My submissive partners allow me to own them. It may just be the Asian part of my personality, but I am proud of and take care of what I own. if for some reason he cannot satisfy me, then I am not training him right.

–Miss Ari ^_^