The Hardest Part About This Blog

Class is not restricted by age.

Class is not restricted by age.

By far the pictures. I often find it difficult to find a picture depicting both elegance and female power. Most of the FemDom photos that can be found are vulgar to say the least. And a fair amount of picture of women in hosiery are of the same context. I need pictures that depict that hosiery is sexy, yes, but I also need pictures that do not make it seem sleazy.

This blog is restricted to the pictures of poise; of confident woman that know how to handle themselves in a manner that exceeds outsider opinions.

This is not something that I will settle on. I will not give in to something that is just okay. I will scavenge for the strong and accurate pictures. These days, we could use more determination in our lives even if we only start with something that may seem small.

I am not afraid to go first. I choose photos of the gentle prowess of the dominant woman and the men who love them.

–Miss Ari ^_^

Culture Blocks: Asian shy is not American shy

"Oh, Kinate, it makes me blush when your slave looks at me like that! Can I sit on his face?"

“Oh, Kinate, it makes me blush when your slave looks at me like that! Can I sit on his face?”

Asian stereotypes are funny; especially when they are so very wrong. The funniest stereotype that I have heard so far is that Asian women are submissive… What?

At first I assumed that this was simply a lie that got very far out of hand, but when you ask people their reason for this way of thinking, they will almost always explain something along the lines of Eastern Asian women are submissive because they have so many shy characteristics.

I was talking to a Caucasian friend of mine when I finally realized that this was simply a false correlation. Because in American culture, woman + shy = submissive.

In America, shy is “having or showing nervousness or timidity in the company of other people.” American shy is afraid to be in a leader position. American shy is docile and submissive to anyone who is more ‘outgoing’ than them. American shy is a bad thing, and there are even classes that you can take to get rid of shyness.

Asian shyness is not the same kind of shyness. We will use Japanese for an example of Asian shyness. In Japan, shy is not timid, shy is polite. Shy is being conservative in manner until you are more acquainted with the person. Shy is thinking about what you are going to say before you say it instead of rudely talking over other people in a conversation. Asian shy is not American shy.

A Japanese mans online dating profile may include that he is looking for a shy woman. He will say that shy women are more desirable because shy is a sign that the woman is very educated, sophisticated, and intelligent. This is not at all what an American man would mean if he said the same thing.

Now I am not saying that every Asian woman is not shy, because i do not now every Asian woman, but if i were doing the stereo typing, you would be surprised at what i would say.

First of all i would say that Asian women are dominant by tradition. I would proceed to explain a traditional set up of a Japanese marriage.

On the outside what you would see is that the man makes the most money in the household. But if you were ever able to see the inside of a Japanese marriage, you would see that the mans money goes into one bank account that the woman controls. The woman manages all of the finances and gives her husband an allowance to go out drinking with his friends after a hard day of work. The woman decides how the children are raised, where the children go to school and what they will study. The woman of the house control the household. It is humorously matriarchal in a country that is supposed to be a patriarchy.

Keep in mind that these women are all considered ‘shy’. It may resemble the type of shyness that we so despise here in America but it is not the same at all.

American shy is looked down upon and seen as submissive. Asian shy is classy and dominant.

–Miss Ari ^_^

I don’t understand Cuckolding

"You love my high sex drive, don't you Honey?"

“You love my high sex drive, don’t you Honey?”

For those of you who do not know what cuckolding is, Its basically cheating on your submissive man (either behind his back or in front of his face) with a non submissive man in order to fulfill some kind of erotic fantasy. To me, this is backwards and just doesn’t make any sense.

First of all, any real dominant woman is turned on by submissive men, therefore, the idea of taking a lover who is not submissive should have no appeal to her.

Secondly, the reason that cuckolding exists is to make the submissive man feel like he is incapable of satisfying his woman to the point where she needs to seek out a dominant man. However, a ‘vanilla’ lover will have no idea how to satisfy a dominant woman anyway because all he cares about is his own gratification. Cuckolding is much less satisfying than sex with your submissive man.

Thirdly, cuckolding implies a nature of hierarchy within the male population. It implies that my submissive man (no matter how hard he tries) can not satisfy me because he is inferior to other men. This may be part of the fantasy, however, it does not make sense to me because why would any dominant woman, having respect and pride toward her pet and the work that she has put into him, put him below another man? If anything, me should be below women, not other men.

And lastly, the authors of cuckolding blogs are usually feminists who believe in female empowerment. But cuckolding implies that all women can only be satisfied through being submissive with a partner. So women can never really be dominant? This is insulting and very untrue.

I have read blogs of dominant women who claim to believe men exist to serve women, yet, these are the same women that cuckold their men with men that go against virtually everything that they believe in. And that doesn’t make sense.

My submissive partners allow me to own them. It may just be the Asian part of my personality, but I am proud of and take care of what I own. if for some reason he cannot satisfy me, then I am not training him right.

–Miss Ari ^_^