A Man That Provides (A Poem)

tumblr_mhkc4j8x0s1rgsoq1o1_400I grew up with those girls in cherry red laces,
With snow white bows, and soft pretty faces,
And I’ll swear to you over and over again,
Than I can’t possibly be any different than them.

They desire a mate that’s strong not lame,
And to some extent, I swear I’m the same,
They prepare and train and work all their lives,
In order to gain a man that provides.

If I set my standards to a scale of ten,
Manners would appear again and again,
I would not stand for ill manner or rudeness, besides,
A girl only wishes her man would provide.

I’ve picked out his duties, his jobs and more,
I will need him able, to complete the chores,
He must be obedient and provide patient features,
And if he were docile, that wouldn’t hurt either.

For the best results, I guess I must lead,
But it will be quite easy indeed,
He’ll learn when to shut his mouth to survive,
I want nothing more than a man who provides.

So don’t you see? It’s not much that I ask.
I believe I’ve requested the simplest task,
These submissive men are in large supply,
It is easy to find man that provides.

–Miss Ari ^_^


This poem was inspired in part by my own experiences of hearing what was desired around me and thinking that I wanted the same thing. And of course, I could say that I want a man that provides just like the other women but, I never really did want what they want. My ideal man provided different things than theirs did. I think a lot of women are like this. They are holding back and trying to fit their wants and their needs into the empty spaces of societies puzzle, but sooner or later they will find that it doesn’t work.

And when that day comes, it will all make sense.

–Miss Ari ^_^

Tell Me About Your Dominant Side

If I kept my dreams a secret, I would surely explode, for, my dreams are often larger than I can bare!

If I kept my dreams a secret, I would surely explode, for, my dreams are often larger than I can bare!

I once spoke with a friend who wanted to know why I didn’t have the desire to submit in a relationship; After a brief explanation, the next request was ‘Tell me about your dominant side’.

The assumption here was that my dominance was a side, or an option, something that I needed to tap into whenever I had need of it. It never occurred to me that it could be a side. For me, It was never a side. It was my core, and it was hidden behind societal values until I realized that I could let it out. This is different than if it had been like a coin. I would be capable of flipping it from side to side whenever I felt like it, but one side of a coin can only consist of half the coin. The other half must always have its share.

The dominance coin may be useful to some women, who are uncomfortable with being dominant. With this concept, they are able to turn off their dominance and ‘fit in’ to the stencils that they have been raised with. 

But I bet, the stencils bring pain, and I bet conformity is a miserable peace. 

It is certainly something that I am no longer willing or able to do.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not suggesting that a dominant woman is totally dominant all the time. It is impossible. As a citizen of any country, a dominant woman abides by the laws, and perhaps even as a daughter, a dominant woman may behave less dominantly in the presence of her mother out of respect. A dominant woman will not resist submission in stewardship to what she holds valuable, But a dominant woman will NOT take a submissive role in order to gain friends or make those around her more comfortable. 

So my dear friends, I can not tell you about my dominant side, because it is not a side. It is a life style, it is a personality, it is a thought frame. It doesn’t turn off, or go away. It is not curable or a result of a bad child hood.

It is natural and it is me. And I LOVE me!

–Miss Ari ^_^

When the rose colored glasses come off…

paintignWe spend our entire lives learning what is “ugly”; letting others tell us what is taboo, what is strange, what is bad, and what is just plain wrong. We learn to develop a set of rose colored glasses to make all of the bad things look ‘normal’. We learn to hide from certain things, and the worst part is that we don’t even know why we do this, we only know that if we are not afraid of what everyone else is afraid of, then we are not human.

It is tempting to take the easy route, and even the bravest of us all, wears the rose colored glasses sometimes. But what happens when they don’t? What happens when the rose colored glasses come off?

When the rose colored glasses come off we see the world in a raw form. At first all we will see is the disgust and shame of abnormality, but only because that is what we have been told that we will see. We will question every statement that we hear and we will think of a million reasons that what we see is wrong, but excuses will only get us so far. Once you run out of reasons why it is wrong to express yourself in submission to a woman you adore, you begin to think of reasons why it feels so right. You let it marinate in your mind and you let it settle in your heart.

You will begin to realize the certain things about the world that you can see evidence of even with the rose colored glasses on. Some people hate themselves for it, and some people hate the others around them for not being able to see it too. But no matter how you feel, you won’t be able to truthfully deny that the ugly images that have now engraved themselves in your mind and the deviant ways of your heart feel more right than anything you have ever felt.

When the rose colored glasses come off, you will find diamonds among the rubble and you can’t deny that some of the things that are said to be wrong, are just so damn beautiful.

–Miss Ari ^_^