Bring Me a Chair! (an erotic story)

chairThere was something about the way she said those words that made his heart, his head, and everything between his legs lurch with excitement. Their relationship was a pretty normal one. Miss made most of their decisions since they have been living together, but other than that they behaved just like any other couple. They laughed, they cried, the fought, they made love. But the four words that he practically lived to hear came only once in a while.

Miss had had a bad week. He could tell. He had tried to stay out of her way to avoid her temper until she calmed down but it seems that she would not be calming down by herself. Her lovely brown eyes scrunched slightly as she looked over at him. She had a towel wrapped around her body as she stepped out of the bathroom and she let it fall to the floor at her feet. Matt didn’t try to hide his lust as he looked over her supple frame. He was lost in the smooth brown of her skin that hugged every luscious curve of her body. Her hair was wet and it was curling up around her face. His breathing was heavy and he could feel his pale face flushing deep red. He wanted to go up to her and take her in his arms and kiss every inch of her body. He wanted to take her, but his body was not under his own power. It was under hers. And her gaze told him not to move.

So he stood there, waiting, hoping and wishing that she would say his favorite words. Those words that he loved to hear. His gaze lingered at her mouth, and for a minute, he thought he saw a smile.

Then she parted her sweet lips. “Bring me a chair”. He knew better than to hesitate. He went straight to the corner of their bed room where there sat a dark brown wood chair with a red velvet covered seat cushion. He careful lifted the chair and sat it next to where she stood.

His hands were almost shaking with nervousness. He never knew what to expect when she said those words. Images of what had occurred in the past in that chair were like a blur in his mind. He remembered kneeling in front if the chair pleasuring her, and he remembered Miss sitting in the chair as he lay over her lap receiving punishment. A lot of times, she had him stand behind the chair and bend over it. She seemed to like that position. But perhaps he liked it more.

He always felt ashamed of liking the things that happened in that position, but he had a feeling that she already knew that. He loved how well Miss could read him. And he loved that chair because it meant quality time with her. He loved those words. But he loved her next words even more.

“Strip and kneel!”…

–Miss Ari ^_^


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It’s the Little Things

Keep up the good work and I just might have to have you do my toes too!

Keep up the good work and I just might have to have you do my toes too!

It’s not always the large performances of submission that prove his devotion. Most of the time, it’s just the little things. Some days are exciting and filled with all types of “play”, and some days are not. On lazy days, sometimes the only thing that I want to do is have him sit at my feet as we watch a movie together and there is nothing wrong with that at all. 

A good submissive man should have a desire to learn new things. A good dominant woman is able to give clear instruction to help her man learn the new activities that he will have to preform for her.

Painting nails, massages, courtship manners, cooking, cleaning, and sexually pleasing are some of the things that a submissive man will likely be taught.

Of course, the little things are still inferior to the large feats of dedication, but in the beginning of a FemDom relationship, the little things are a big deal (at least to him).

The little acts of submission must be nurtured like seeds so that they bloom later on in the relationship. When a polite act is not met with a positive or approving response from the woman, the man will likely not do this again. 

Women have such a wonderful position to be able to influence the relationship by showing the man what behavior she accepts and what behavior she does not. And yet  so many women do not understand why their men do not behave how they want them to. Perhaps they do not want their men to behave, perhaps they wish for something to complain about to their friends, or perhaps, they do not understand that it’s the little things.

–Miss Ari ^_^